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Guangzhou Triv Electronic Technologies Co.LTD


Kvaser Memorator firmware

型号:版本号 V3.7.115
售后服务: 技术支持中心

                            Release Notes

The firmware can be used for devices with the following part numbers:

 * USBcan Rugged (including OEM versions)
       P/N 00180-0    (one HS channel)
       P/N 00181-7    (two HS channels)
 * USBcan II
       P/N 00158-9    (one HS channel)
       P/N 00159-6    (two HS channels)
       P/N 00174-9    (HS/LS)
       P/N 00231-9    (HS/SWC)
       P/N 00412-2    (HS/HS with RJ45 connectors)
 * Kvaser Memorator
       P/N 00175-6    (two HS channels)
       P/N 00170-1    (HS/LS)
       P/N 00234-9    (HS/SWC)       
 * PCIcan II
       P/N 00156-5    (one HS channel)
       P/N 00157-2    (two HS channels)
       P/N 00162-6    (one HS channel, low profile)
       P/N 00226-5    (PCIcanII HS)
       P/N 00227-2    (PCIcanII HS/HS)
       P/N 00228-9    (PCIcanII low-profile HS)
 * PCIcanx II
       P/N 00343-9    (PCIcanx II HS/HS)
       P/N 00344-6    (PCIcanx II HS)
 * PC104+
       P/N 00336-1    (PC104+ HS/HS w/ IDC)
       P/N 00352-1    (PC104+ HS/HS w/ DSUB)
 * The following OEM products
       P/N 00197-8
       P/N 00222-7
       P/N 00178-7
       P/N 00179-4

Part numbers with the format nnnnn-n are identical to part
numbers with the format 733-0130-nnnnn-n.

This firmware can NOT be used for the obsolete versions of USBcan,
P/N 00134-3 and 00135-0.

Required driver version

If you upgrade the firmware, we strongly recommend that you also 
upgrade the driver. At least CANLIB 3.8 is recommended.

For PC104+ and PCIcanx II, you will need driver version 3.9 or newer.
Check our web site for more information or email support@kvaser.com.

|   IMPORTANT UPGRADE INFORMATION                                         |

o When updating from firmware version 2.4 or earlier:

  A) Users of Kvaser Memorator, USBcan II and USBcan Rugged please
     note: when you upgrade from firmware 2.4 or earlier, Windows will
     display the "Found New Hardware" wizard immediately after the update
     is applied.  Just press the "Next" button to complete the wizard. Note
     that this procedure requires administrative privilegies.

  B) Users of Kvaser Memorator: you MUST also use at least driver 3.7 (or
     later; 3.8 or later is strongly recommended) and the Kvaser Memorator
     setup program available on our web site. You should not use Kvaser 
     Configurator although it should work.  The really old setup program 
     that worked with firmware 2.4 will not work with firmware version 
     2.5 or later.

o When updating from a firmware version older than 2.9:

  If you upgrade from a firmware version older than 2.9 to version 2.9
  or later, you will not be able to downgrade again to a version earlier
  than 2.9.

|   NEW FEATURES AND FIXED PROBLEMS                                       |

Version 3.3.650 (Release 18-MAR-2007)

* (Kvaser Memorator) Fixed a trigger bug that happened when "on
  state change" and "on reception" triggers were used at the same time.

Version 3.3.603 (Release 19-DEC-2006)
* This release is only for the OEM product with part number 00222-7.

Version 3.2.583 (Release 30-OCT-2006)

* (PCIcan II, PC104+): Try to program the FPGA repeatedly if the
  motherboard doesn't provide 5V and 3.3V simultaneously to the PCI bus
  (it's not a very common problem but on some systems where this happend
  the card wasn't properly detected)

Version 3.1.560 (Release 25-JUL-2006)

* (PCIcan II) Fixed an one-off pointer problem in the DPRAM handling.
  This could cause a computer crash when several boards were
  simultaneously running at very high bus loads on a slow computer.

Version 3.0.513 (Release 12-APR-2006)

* Added support for the PC104+ and PCIcanx II devices.

Version 3.0.500 (BETA Release 14-FEB-2006)

* Kvaser Memorator: Support for "counting pass filters" - will require
  the very latest setup tool, and please note that Kvaser Configurator
  1.x can NOT be used.

* Kvaser Memorator: the maximum number of pass filters per channel is 
  now 20 instead of 25.

Version 2.9.410 (RELEASE 10-FEB-2006)

* All devices: this firmware has support for slightly revised hardware
  with M16C/N4 CPUs. It is fully compatible with older hardware with
  M16C/NA CPUs.  Note: if you have a device with a /NA CPU (you can see
  that on the firmware version: if it's older than 2.9, then the CPU is
  a /NA) and you upgrade to a new firmware with version 2.9 or higher,
  you will _not_ be able to downgrade the firmware to a version earlier
  than 2.9.
  For more information, please see

* All devices: when upgrading from a firmware with version 2.8 or
  older, the bootstrap code is automatically replaced. The new boot code
  has no new features compared with the old one except that it starts
  faster than the previous version.

* Kvaser Memorator: disk erase routines have been rewritten to cope
  with disks that don't support blockwise erase.

* Kvaser Memorator: fixed bug where the external trigger, when activated, 
  could cause the time stamps to become corrupted.

Version 2.08.353 (RELEASE 7-NOV-2005)

* All devices with SWC transceivers: fixed problem where the WAKEUP
  flag could be reported also for the CAN message arriving immediately
  after a wakeup (high-voltage) message.

* Kvaser Memorator:	increased the size of the write queue so conditions
  with high busloads and large pretrigger buffers are handled correctly.

* Kvaser Memorator: the configuration is now always erased when 
  formatting the disk. In earlier versions the old configuration could
  remain intact on some SD memory brands.

Version 2.7.324 (RELEASE 29-JUL-2005)

* Kvaser Memorator: fixed problem with long startup times that
  happened sometimes when the logging was interrupted by removing the

* Kvaser Memorator: corrected problem where a complex trigger expression
  combined with posttriggers was not always calculated correctly. For
  example, an expression like T0 || (T1 && T2) || (T3 && T4) could
  be erroneously calculated if the posttrigger times were non-zero
  and a particular sequence of message was received.

* Kvaser Memorator: corrected two different problems both resulting
  in the configuration not being written to the disk when the "Download
  Configuration" button in the Configurator was pressed. The Memorator
  would then not start logging but flash the red LED instead.

* All devices: fixed a problem that caused certain buffers to become
  unaligned in memory, thereby reducing the performance (although the
  device still worked correctly)

* Kvaser Memorator: the max number of files is now 2687 (which
  corresponds to 16 directory sectors)

Version 2.6.296 (RELEASE 23-APR-2005)

* Kvaser Memorator: Corrected problem that caused disk formatting to
  fail under some circumstances.

Version 2.6.293 (RELEASE 30-MAR-2005)

* Kvaser Memorator: the maximum number of files has been raised from
  336 to 1680.

* Kvaser Memorator: now reads the disk id and disk manufacturing date
  correctly; so Kvaser Configurator, but not the old setup program,
  will display them correctly.  These numbers are used for informational
  purposes so this fix doesn't affect the function of the device.

* Kvaser Memorator: the LEDs will now flash less irregularily even under
  heavy load.

* All devices: corrected timestamp problem that happend if the device sat
  idle for a long period of time (several hours)

* USBcan II/Rugged: will now reset when the USB connection is
  suspended or removed.  This improves behaviour when the device is
  powered from the CAN connector.

* USBcan II/Rugged, and Kvaser Memorator in CAN interface mode:
  The LEDs will now flash for a shorter time when messages arrive.
  Previous versions would light the corresponding LED for around 0.5
  seconds when a mesage arrived. This version shortens that time to 0.25

* All USB devices: Removed reinstallation feature introduced in
  2.4.206/207 (see below).  Unfortunately it caused problems in Windows
  XP when several devices were used simultaneously, although it was
  perfectly in accordance with the USB specification.

* Corrected a problem in the firmware update script (update.bat)
  for PCIcan II. The firmware didn't change so the version numbers are
  not updated.

Version 2.5.260 (RELEASE 18-OCT-2004)

* Kvaser Memorator: Extensive changes to clock overflow handling.
  This change means that the KME files generated from now on are no
  longer compatible with the old KME format.

* PCIcan II: Improved LED flashing. LEDs are now on by default and
  are briefly turned off when a message is received or transmitted. If
  the built-in self test fails, both LEDs will flash with some 5 Hz.

* Kvaser Memorator: The f/w can now tell the driver if the flash disk
  is there or not.

* Added support for SWC transceiver on USBcan II.

Version 2.5.213 (RELEASE 29-SEP-2004)

* This release is only for VCI2.

* VCI2: Suppress error frames for VCI2 if the CAN power isn't present.

Version 2.5.207 (RELEASE 21-JUL-2004)

* This release is only for VCI2.

* All USB devices: improved firmware so reinstallation is not needed when a
  device with a different serial number is used on a computer where it has
  not been used before.

Version 2.4.206 (RELEASE 21-JUL-2004)

* All USB devices: improved firmware so reinstallation is not needed when a
  device with a different serial number is used on a computer where it has
  not been used before.

Version 2.4.198 (RELEASE 5-JUL-2004)

* All USB devices: fixed USB negotiation problem that happened on
  certain Windows XP computers, causing the device to show up as an
  "Unknown Device" in the Device Manager.

Version 2.5.204 (RELEASE 31-MAR-2004)
* This release is only for VCI2.

* Fixed the routine that retrieves a parameter value so it always
  terminates even if the flash is corrupt.

Version 2.5 (BETA RELEASE 05-MARCH-2004)

* Kvaser Memorator: Trigger expressions like "(A && B) || C" can now be used.

* Kvaser Memorator: Specification of channel possible for each trigger.

* Kvaser Memorator: Specification of signal state (reception or state
  change) possible for each trigger.

* Kvaser Memorator can now be used as an USB interface without
  removing the MMC card.

* Kvaser Memorator can flash all LEDs on command from the application.

* Support for new hardware revision of PCIcan II (PCB-07 + PCB-08).

* PCIcan II : FPGA configuration is now included in the .img files so 
  this is why these are much larger than before.

* PCIcan II: firmware upgrade now detects the difference between old
  and new PCIcan II and acts accordingly.

* Support for automatic transmit buffers (but there's no driver support yet.)

* Flash parameter area can now accomodate up to 6 KB parameters
  instead of previous 256 bytes.

Version 2.4.176 (RELEASE 12-MAR-2004)

* All USB devices: USB configuration code is now more robust when
  things don't happen in the expected order. Some hosts were apparently
  dropping a few acknowledgement packets from the device, thereby
  confusing it profoundly.  This happened in particular on Window XP.

Version 2.4 (BETA RELEASE 01-DEC-2003)

* This firmware includes changes that effects only the Memorator.

* When removing the power supply for the Memorator during logging to disk,
  Memorator has to close the still open disk file when restarted. Closing a 
  file involves scanning the file to find the end it. For a large file 
  this could take a considerable amount of time.

  By using RAM to write the current position in the file the time is 
  decreased dramaticly.
* During scanning the file to find the end of it, the Memorator was giving no
  indication what was going on. The Memorator seemed "dead".

  Now it flashes the read LED.

* The posttrigger value for the external trigger was not stored correctly.

* Memorator in J1939 mode now support PDU1 and PDU2.

* Memorator in J1939 mode: It's now possible to trigger and filter on parts of 
  the id field, independent of each other. 
  For example the source or the destination address.
* Bug resulting in parts of an old file appearing at the end of 
  a newly logged one, fixed. (Appeared under certain circumstances)

Version 2.4.162 (24-NOV-2003)

* This firmware is NOT intended for Kvaser Memorator because we haven't
  tested it with this hardware. There will be a new release within a few 
  weeks that supports Kvaser Memorator.

* Improved USB bus reset handling to handle a problem that occurred
  on a certain computer running WinXP

* The PWR LED now flashes slowly when the device is waiting for the host
  to select a USB configuration (instead of just being totally dead)

* Fixed problem where the device seemed to hang after stress
  conditions involving high busloads and many error frames
  for a prolonged time.

* Changed Plug-and-play ID so Windows won't ask for the drivers each
  time the same device is plugged into a new hub port.

* Firmware update batch scripts are now more verbose and robust.

Version 2.3.146 (RELEASE OCTOBER 2003)

*) Bug fix: In some rare cases when Memorator was shut down during 
   logging, the logged data was not possible to retrieve. 
   The Memorator Configuration Tool crashed.

*) Maximum number of triggers increased to 8 (eight).

*) Two Signal Modes introduced. The modes affect the trigger conditions 	
   on signals.

   "Signal Reception Mode": each reception of a signal 
   is considered a possible trigger activator.
   "Signal State Mode": The change of the signals 
   state/value is considered a possible trigger 

* Fixed problem where the device could hang if the computer
  was power cycled (seen on Compaq platforms)

* Fixed problem with Memorator locking up when writing in
  FIFO mode and reaching the end of the disk. Could happen
  when logging for a long time.

Version 2.2.000 (BETA RELEASE July 2003)

* Memorator firmware now handles up to 25 pass filters.

* USBcan, PCIcan now limits the number of error frames reported
  within a given time, so the PC isn't overloaded if many error frames
  are generated.

* Memorator firmware can now see the difference between error frames
  on channel 1 and error frames on channel 2, and will log them

* Memorator: J1939 support.

* PCIcan, USBcan: Fixed several instances of clock reading before a
  queue entry is allocated, causing the clock to go backwards when
  things were getting stressy.  

* PCIcan, USBcan: Fixed flawed chip state reporting.

* Memorator: improved triggers; more trigger types available (see

Version 2.1.079 (21-MAY-2003)

* Fixed bug in VCI2 where the error led wasn't turned off if there was
also CAN traffic at the same time.

* PCIcan II: firmware can from now on be updated via the PCI bus.
Updating from a firmware earlier than this release will still require
updating via the CAN bus.

* PCIcan II: bus load is now calculated on-board instead of in the driver.

* PCIcan II: changed to 32-bit pointers in the DPRAM to avoid a race
condition. This makes this firmware release incompatible with older
releases, and driver version 3.5 is REQUIRED.

* USBcan II, Rugged, Memorator: fixed problem with bus load reporting.

Version 2.0.054 (12-MAY-2003)

* IMPORTANT: this firmware release REQUIRES driver 3.4 or later. It *
* will NOT run with 3.3 or older.  (If you have an older driver     *
* installed, you can still upgrade and downgrade the firmware.)     *

* The on-board clock is now used to make the time stamps of the CAN

* Bus load is now calculated by the firmware (previous release used
  an approximation calculated by the driver.)

* Memorator: software filters ("accept only these messages")
  now works as intended.

* Firmware updating program now warns if wrong type of hardware is

* Memorator: will now refuse to go on-bus in CONFIG mode. Previous
  versions would happily go on-bus but things didn't work very well
  after that. Now CANLIB APIs like canBusOn() will return 'Access

* USB SetFeature and ClearFeature requests will now be stalled if
  they are illegal. This was needed to pass latest USB 2.0 compliance
  tests from usb.org.

* Periodic timer events are now implemented in the firmware instead
  of the driver. Needed to support the CANalyzer.

* Fixed mysterious problem where CAN messages disappeared a la
  Bermuda triangle when bus load approached infinity.

Version 1.7.039 (30-APR-2003)

* Startup power consumption reduced; this should solve several
  instances of the problem where the USBcan/Memorator turns up as
  "Unknown Device" in the control panel.

* "USBcan Rev B" is now known as "USBcan Rugged"

* CAN Transmission Requests are implemented (needed for CANalyzer)

* Memorator: Fixed bug where messages were lost when a
  posttrigger expired.

* Memorator: fixed rare case of lost data

* VCI2 now has hardware revision 0x7n.

* Memorator: now supports NERR flag from TJA1054.

* Support for generating error frames.

* Memorator: Triggers on Signals of any length and motorola byte

* Memorator: Fixed bug introduced in 1.7.038 where all timestamps
  were written as zeroes.

Version 1.7.038 (21-MAR-2003)

* Support for TJA1054 (lowspeed) transceivers. Requires special hardware
  and CANLIB 3.3b or later.

* Fixed USB buffer overrun problem.

* All devices: extensive speed optimizations. Memorator now works
  much better as a CAN interface (i.e. in USBcan mode) and there's no
  difference between a USBcan and a Memorator in USBcan mode.

* Memorator uses more memory buffers to buffer disk data so we should see
  fewer overruns.

* Scania VCI2: we can now read user input pin #4 to get the
  status of the CAN power.

* Memorator: Now it is possible to have AND contitions between signals 
  (and only signals) that doesn't exist in the exact same CANmessage. 

Version 1.6.026 (4-FEB-2003)

* Memorator: read times (disk to USB) 10 times as fast, but this
  requires driver 3.3, and will not work at all with driver 3.2.

* Memorator: fixed bugs that caused corrupt disks when repairing or
  verifying a disk from the setup program.

* USBcan II, PCIcan II : no significant changes.

Version 1.5.021 (19-DEC-2002)

* Completely new firmware for Kvaser Memorator. If you have an older revision
  you should upgrade.

* PCIcan II: this revision is not compatible with older f/w revisions in that the
  maximum size of a command packet in the DPRAM now is fixed to 32. If you have
  written your own driver, you should recompile it. The prodocol is unchanged
  so a recompilation is sufficient.

* USBcan (any revision): this versions fixes a bug in RTR handling. A
  received message contained garbage if a special sequence of data and
  rtr frames was received.

* Kvaser Memorator: The firmware will AUTOMATICALLY format the disk
  when it is inserted.  This will probably go away in the next version
  (but it seems practical to keep it for now. If you have opinions, plase 
  tell us.)

Version 1.4.x, 1.3.x
Internal versions.

Version 1.2 or older
Beta releases.

版本号 V3.7.115




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